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Auxiliary Pumps and Valves

The Bosch auxiliary pumps and valves are suitable for different applications, with a simple and easy installation design. In a voltage range between 12 V and 24 V, our products are also available with flow rate control via PWM. Our auxiliary pumps and valves are designed for operating mode S1 (continuous operation). These products are typically used in auxiliary cooling circuits.

For a high power density and a long service life
Bosch PCE coolant pump auxiliary pump with black housing

Bosch PCE water pump

For reliable and efficient support of different thermal circuits: The Bosch coolant pumps and solenoid valves are designed with decades of experience in thermal, liquid and energy circuits. Due to their robustness and design optimized for volume flow, they have proven themselves millions of times worldwide in 24V and 12V applications. This includes, for example, applications in heating and cooling applications of electronics or battery cells in electric vehicles.

Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated electronics with failure diagnosis signal: For an increased efficiency of the brushless pumps and a control of the volume flow via PWM signal

  • Extremely robust water pump design: For a high power density, long service life and a motor attachment possible depending on the model

  • Proven construction in line with the original automotive quality guidelines: For a low noise development and a high temperature range of up to 130°C

  • When valve de-energized, opened fail-safe function: For a long service life with more than 3 million switching cycles

  • Robust and compact design: For high dirt resistance and leak resistance throughout the entire service life

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