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Blowers and Fans

Bosch provides a comprehensive range of blower and engine-cooling products for many output range. Our blower range consists of single or multiple-stage suction or pressure blowers. The delivery range encompasses radial and axial-type blowers for 12 V and 24 V. The blowers are designed for operating mode S1 (continuous operation). The modules are available with brush-type motors or as brushless drives. The compact design of the modules means that they can be easily installed in areas where space is an important feature.

For safe operation and high reliability
Bosch Engine Cooling Fan Module ECM in black

Bosch Blowers and Fans

Ensure reliable air flow across the thermal system even at low speeds: Bosch blowers and fans have been developed to achieve the lowest possible noise level. They are available worldwide in single and bulk packaging and can be used in 24V and 12V applications, e.g. for heating, ventilation and cooling.

Features and Benefits:

  • Decades of field experience and production in accordance with state-of-the-art automotive quality standards: For proven product quality and a long service life

  • Available with or without PWM technology: To attend different customer requirements

  • Depending on the model, protective functions such as automatic shutdown in case of obstruction, thermal fuse and reverse polarity protection: Ensure safe operation and high reliability

  • Operating mode S1: Suitable for continuous operation

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