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DC Motors with transmission

The Bosch electric motors are permanent-magnet DC motors developed for use in motor vehicles as motors for heater or air-conditioning devices or for power-seat adjustment. They excel on account of an excellent power/weight ratio, as well as low noise volume and robustness. Bosch geared motors are also the suitable solution for many applications outside the automobile.

Suitable for a wide range of applications
Bosch AHC-P2 geared compact drive with metal pinion output shaft

Bosch DC Motors with transmission

For reliable performance, robustness and broad variety of speed/torque: The Bosch dc motors with transmission cover a wide range of 12V and 24V applications with or without hall sensor. Decades of experience in manufacturing of electric motors have led to the current design, which has proven million fold on the road. In case of the large geared motors CHP, CDP, EFP, WDD, the rotating speed, rotating angle, position and the torque can be parameterized according to the design. The compact geared motors AHC and FPG are available with various mechanical interfaces which makes them the appropriate solution for a wide range of industrial applications with limited space. The compact actuators VMC require minimum mounting space and excel by lowest noise levels, durability and precise positioning.

Features and Benefits:

  • Models with integrated electronics: Suitable for a wide range of applications and depending on model equipped with bus communication digital/LIN/CAN as well as teach-in functions

  • Some models with rotation in both directions: For using the motor as a drive or as an actuator

  • Production in line with the original automotive quality guidelines: For proven quality, high reliability and a long service life

  • Compact actuator with non reversible gear: To keep the position fixed while not energized

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