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PCE Circulation Pump for Tap Water

PCE Wasserpumpe
PCE Wasserpumpe
PCE Wasserpumpe
PCE Wasserpumpe
PCE Wasserpumpe

For constant temperature control even at low flow rates:
The Bosch water circulation pump is characterized by a stable PWM control at low speeds. With its very robust design the pump is suitable for stationary and mobile applications with tap water.

Low noise, high energy efficiency
With a 12V power supply and an energy efficiency index EEI of <0,21, it is predestined for solar and battery powered circuits where low energy consumption is key goal. The brushless pump is also impressively quiet in operation and includes a diagnostic and monitoring function that protects it from blocking, overheating, or dry running.

Compact design and low weight
With a compact design and weighing only 550 grams, the pump also saves space, since it is integrated into the internal hot-water circuit. For example, it can be used for buffer tanks. In addition, the new Bosch water pump is designed for connection to flexible hoses. In a compact complete system, this facilitates assembly using hose clamps or clips instead of the usual pipe mounting.

Product Specification

Performance curve

Flow rate (l/h): 950

Nominal pressure (bar): 0,5

Nominal Voltage (V): 12

Weight (kg): 0,65

Control: PWM

Medium: Water

Degree of protection: IPX7

Operating mode: S1

Technical drawing

Please contact us if you need a 3d model

Connector A-Kodierung


  • TE Connectivity MCON 1.2 1488991-5 (with CPA),…-2 w/o CPA
  • Molex MXP120 34900-3101


  • Bosch 1 928 498 811
  • Tyco / Molex MCON 1.2 1670146-3 – Ag plated (20awg)
  • KOSTAL MLK 1.2 [32124734130]


  • Bosch 1 928 300 936
  • TE Connectivity 967067-1 (20 awg)
  • KOSTAL 10800507250

  • 100% End of Line Performance and Leakage test: for high quality and reliability
  • Diagnosis feedback and monitoring function: protecting the pump in event of a blockage, overheating or dry running
  • Brushless technology: for very low noise level
  • Easy hose assembly: for easy maintenance and replacement

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